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The Sheffield Three-Phase Launch

The Sheffield Group offers a comprehensive, three-phase program for launching your MLM, party plan or direct sales company. Our entire business focus is guiding and assisting you through the steps required to create your own success. We get down to practical work with you from the start, with one result in mind: a massively successful start to your new enterprise.

Launching a company of this kind requires the integration of multiple disciplines, and demands hundreds of critical decisions, each of which can impact — or even determine — the fate of your launch. The power of the Sheffield model lies in our experience. Our time-tested and proven formula has worked with over 800 clients, from startups to billion-dollar companies. We have seen it all. We know how to fit the pieces together and can guide you through those tricky decisions. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our Services: A Snapshot

Throughout the Sheffield Launch Program, our in-house consultants engage with you in the core components of your launch, such as compensation and marketing plan design, distributor business manual development, distributor recruitment systems, training programs and financial modeling. At the same time, we coordinate and oversee a select team of affiliated experts who provide other services you will need such as legal counsel, MLM software, corporate and product branding, website, graphic arts, merchant account services and executive recruitment.

When you choose Sheffield, you are getting more than a great launch process. You benefit from our decades of experience and hard-won knowledge. It’s impossible to put a price on that, yet you’ll find our rates surprisingly affordable, and we can usually tailor programs to match your financial resources.

Perhaps even more important are the thousands of dollars we will save you by protecting you from costly mistakes — the mistakes we have seen so many unprepared direct sales companies make. At the end of the day, when you balance profits and price, you’ll find that the Sheffield Launch Program is by far the best and most economical way to start your new company.

Launching Your MLM: What To Expect

The Sheffield Launch Program is highly systematic, and is organized into three essential Phases. While all our company launches follow this fundamental format, we customize each program for the specific client, which means that we will match our services exactly to your needs and resources.

Because of our Launch Program’s structure, you get to manage your investment incrementally. You can choose at every step, which components you wish to proceed with.

Before The Program Starts: Project Exploration

At Sheffield, active consultation begins the moment you call us. You’ll start to benefit from our advice and insights on your business before an official relationship begins. We’ll seek out information to explore whether your project is a good fit for our services right away, and at the same time, we’ll answer your toughest questions about our process, so you can assess our suitability for your needs. Depending on your goals these early discussions will cover:

  1. The viability of your plan to enter the direct sales market.
  2. The likely appropriate model (MLM, party plan, hybrid or other direct sales model).
  3. Human resources and the necessary commitments to hire or contract experts.
  4. Startup costs — the approximate investment you may need to launch.

You are then well positioned to choose your pathway through the three-phase program.

Although our initial process starts with Phase 1: Get Ready, there are two additional Phases of our build and launch services available to you. Use us in stages, as needed, or make us your full launch partner. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

(Note: All services are provided under a full mutual confidentiality agreement.)

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