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The Sheffield Launch Program > Phase 2

Phase 2: Get Set

This Phase integrates all the activities needed to bring your new business to market in the fastest, most logical and cost-effective manner. We act as your proactive Launch Partner in the development of your infrastructure. During this time, Our Team is Your Team.

Typically, the topics that are covered and acted on during the Get Set Stage include:

  • Compensation plan
  • Marketing System
  • Operational Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Branding and Naming
  • Distributor Recruitment
  • Distributor Training
  • Legal Support
  • Software System Selection

Strategic Planning Workshop

At the heart of the Program is a one-day intensive Strategic Planning Workshop at the Sheffield office, conducted face-to-face with your team and our panel of executive consultants.

Leading up to the Workshop is a series of interactions with specific Sheffield experts – this takes place over the initial 7-14 days. During this time, you will receive comprehensive guidance and information by phone and online by email and webcast — all laying the groundwork for the critical decisions that will be formulated during our day together.

The Strategic Planning Workshop itself creates the blueprint for your launch, addressing a succession of critical decisions on such topics as:

  • Product selection or validation, packaging, positioning and pricing
  • Finalize compensation plan rules and structure
  • Financial projections
  • Company brand positioning
  • Distributor recruitment
  • Operational structure and initial resources required

The outcome of this process is a Launch Task List — a comprehensive document that gives you a precise, step-by-step action plan to build your new company.

Compensation Plan

Phase 2: Get Set includes the complete development of your compensation plan, exactly calibrated to your market space and business model. The plan is custom-built by America’s leading experts, specifically trained on the proven Sheffield approach to compensation plan design. Whether you require a review of your present plan or the development of a new compensation plan strategy you are in the best of hands at Sheffield.

Mike Sheffield and the Sheffield team have authored hundreds of compensation plans and are sought after as speakers and lecturers on this critical business driver.

Pro Forma: Financial Modeling

The financial models for MLM have distinctions and complexities not found in any other business. Our experts can construct a customized and dynamic Pro forma that allows you to develop realistic projections and adapt to changing circumstances. With this unique Sheffield service, we provide the roadmap to your financial success.

Distributor Recruitment

Sheffield has designed and perfected a powerful system for identifying and attracting top professional networkers to kick-start your recruitment effort. As part of the complete Sheffield Launch Program, we create a detailed plan with tailored guidance on its implementation.

Distributor Training

Your success in MLM is 100% dependent on the effectiveness of your distributors in the field. Their success, in turn, depends on the quality of their training. Sheffield’s proprietary training system will energize and empower new distributors to quickly grow their business and build your sales.

Our Specialist Partners

For services that Sheffield doesn’t provide in-house, we guide you to our close-knit team of approved expert service providers. As the coordinator of your launch efforts, we help ensure maximum synergy between all participants. Services covered include:

  • MLM legal services
  • MLM software design
  • Naming and branding
  • Website and marketing materials
  • Executive recruitment
  • Merchant accounts acquisition
  • MLM social networking

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