Direct Sales & MLM Products: The Access To Market® Program

When it comes to expert sourcing of unique Direct Sales and MLM products, our team can help you develop and/or expand your product line.

MLM Products Services

Every company must have unique, new to the world, quality products that provide real benefits to their customers — something that sets them apart and that make a difference. Through our “Access To Market” Program we provide you with products and support materials that enable your distributors to experience positive results and form a “bond” with these products. Additionally, we find products that allow us to price them for success, allowing for the margins that will be required to support the compensation plan, cover overhead and allow the company to make a fair profit. We also help you develop and expand an existing MLM products line to maximize your profit potential.

The Sheffield Group is positioned to source unique products deemed suitable for direct marketing. Once you have started marketing your MLM product line, the challenge shifts to issues of cost containment and quality control. We are well positioned to provide ongoing MLM products support in several areas, including manufacturing evaluation, processing procedures, cost containment of raw materials, turnaround time, ongoing testing and new research, proper labeling, and government compliance.

Insight and Innovation

Our insight into the MLM products marketplace allows you to consistently monitor and adjust to continually evolving technologies.

Access To Market® Program

  • Global Network of Formulators, Suppliers and Manufacturers: Connect to the people that you need most through our Global Network.
  • Conference Calling Internet Services: Conference calling provides our customers the opportunity for direct access with their networks.
  • Website Design/Management: One of the leading factors to success for organizations, our website design and management services take you to the next level.
  • Packaging and Labeling: We guide you through the entire process, ensuring you a quality product.
  • Brochures and Marketing Materials Distributor Services: Our top of the line marketing distributor services increase marketing success for our clients.
  • Business Planners: We navigate short and long term strategies for organizations seeking a proven plan.
  • Tax Strategies: Necessary for any organization, tax strategies can increase savings at every level.
  • Recruiting Strategies: Gain direct access to the best, most proven recruiting strategies.
  • Operational Services: Learn how to innovate and recreate the way you perform operational services.
  • Warehouse/Call Center: Discover the benefits to warehouse and call center access when you join the program.
  • Financial Services: Our expert financial services will guide strategic decision making across your organization.
  • Debit Cards: Our knowledge of debit cards ensures your organization understands what will be best for you and your business.
  • Merchant Accounts: We will dive into merchant accounts and analyze them thoroughly.
  • MLM Products: Multi-Level Marketing Products are our specialty and will guarantee positive results.


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