MLM Company Acquisitions

Sometimes a Direct Sales company finds itself challenged by stalled growth and a lack of capital. A vicious cycle sets in, because limited revenues restrict the options for investing in new initiatives and supporting existing distributors.

One way to break the cycle is through an infusion of capital, by forming a relationship with a skilled financial partner, or it may be time to offer the company for acquisition.

If your company is facing difficulties, and you would like to explore this pathway, Sheffield may be able to help. What’s important is that you work with people who truly know the industry, and who are not predators but on the contrary have the vision and resources to turn your enterprise around.

The Sheffield Group has relationships with exceptional teams who may have the interest, and the capacity, to help you realize the true potential of your company. To explore this further, simply call and request a strictly confidential conversation, and we will give you a candid assessment of what may be possible. You can reach us at 480-968-6199 or by email to [email protected]


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