Expert Witness

Michael L. Sheffield is a qualified industry expert, certified by federal and state courts, for MLM and direct selling litigation cases. As an MLM legal witness for nearly 20 years, Michael L. Sheffield has testified in numerous litigation cases and is one of the most seasoned expert witnesses in the nation, with respect to the Direct Sales and MLM industry. Note a few key qualifications:

  • Qualified Direct Sales and MLM legal witness industry expert
  • Recognized and used by leading MLM and Direct Sales attorneys
  • Certified by federal and state courts
  • Certified Consultant to Management
  • Chairman Emeritus of industry trade association, MLMIA
  • Compensation plan analyst
  • Specializes in termination cases and regulatory challenges

Mr. Sheffield may be contacted by calling during normal business hours at 480-968-6199 or by email at [email protected].


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