Distributor Training

Your distributors are a volunteer army and very few will have any sales or business experience. Consistent training is critical to their success – we’ll show you how it’s done.

Other than your ability to recruit distributors, few factors impact the success of a Direct Sales company as much as the core training it provides for its new distributors.

This is priority that is too often postponed by new companies, who try to get by on the skills and enterprise of their early leaders. But a wise company launches with a confident, well-planned training system. In particular, the training of brand new distributors is critical. Early success can be enough to convince a novice to stay, and distributor retention is as big a component in company success as new distributor acquisition.

The Sheffield Group offers clients a powerful training system for new distributors. The core of this training incorporates all the essentials that every distributor must master. Added to this, we customize the elements unique to your company.

For more information about Sheffield distributor training programs, please talk to Chris Sheffield, Director of Client Services.

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