Sheffield Launch Services

The Sheffield Group offers a comprehensive program for launching your MLM, party plan or direct sales company. We have developed a proven process designed specifically to gather and organize all the critical components in order to conceptually design a “blueprint” for your launch. We get down to practical work with you from the start, with one result in mind: a massively successful start to your new enterprise.

Launching a company of this kind requires the integration of multiple disciplines, and demands hundreds of critical decisions each of which can impact — or even determine — the fate of your launch. The power of the Sheffield model lies in our experience. With over 800 clients, including billion-dollar companies, in our client roster, we’ve seen it all. We know how to fit the pieces together. We can guide you through those tricky decisions. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our Services: Overview

Throughout the Sheffield Launch Program, our in-house consultants engage with you in the core components of your launch. We ask tough questions and debate the answers until we agree on the best tactics and solutions that support a successful business launch. In essence, our team becomes your team. We will cover many topics, but will focus our attention on four critical areas:

1. Product

o  Definition, imaging and positioning of the Company’s centerpiece product/service line as well as current and future product line extensions
o  Final review of product or service costs, pricing and margins as it pertains to the compensation plan design, commission payout and projected company profit margins
o  Examination of production lead times and inventory requirements (if applicable), along with distribution strategy for direct sellers and customers
o  Review of competitive products and determination of how the Company’s products and services are to be positioned in the marketplace

2. Marketing

o  Final definition of the initial target market during Prelaunch and first year launch activities

o  Development of an appeal, or core marketing message
o  Creation of a simple selling system that is easily duplicated by distributors
o  Final review of identified compensation plan concept model, and create a preliminary conceptual design to meet needs
o  Development of a plan for recruiting initial experienced MLM/direct sales leaders for pre-launching the marketing and sales program
o  Exploration of an appropriate advertising and promotion strategy for recruiting independent distributors

o Discussion of Awards, Incentives and Recognition programs and timely event strategy for year one

3. Operations

  • Identification of an organizational chart based on the launch Stage of the MLM division as well as in the Company’s future growth, which leads to:

o   Job descriptions

o   Skills required

o   Industry standards of compensation

  • Further discussion of software system (MIS) needs and costs, appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (systems), and Triggers for change.

SRN will match your current infrastructure assets to the “needs” analysis noted above. This overlay will point out areas that need to be addressed.

4. Financial

We will utilize the information collected from the previous three areas to create a start up budget for your company. If you have selected our Pro forma Financial Modeling srevice, we will be drilling down on key financial metrics that will allow us to begin laying the foundation for model.

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