Partner Services


Partner Services

It takes a team to launch a successful MLM, party plan or direct sales company. And as America’s trusted adviser to start-up MLM, direct selling and party plan companies, Sheffield ensures that every element of your launch is executed by the very in each field, working together to meet your needs.

Sheffield functions like the “general contractor” to help you build your enterprise, melding both in-house and associated experts into one cohesive team. Our own consultants contribute some of the most critical foundation stones, including launch coordination, compensation plans, financial models, and distributor recruitment and training. And the following are some of the relevant partner services we connect you with during the launch of a new venture:

Legal Foundations

We work in a highly regulated industry, and it is essential that you protect yourself from unintended legal hazard. It’s advisable to select for your counsel the very best in MLM, direct selling and party plan law, with the widest experience and most seasoned expertise. Sheffield will provide a personal introduction to the best legal resources.

MLM Software

Few decisions are more critical to your success than your choice of software providers. Over the years, we have identified a handful of tried and tested vendors for your MLM software. Our specific recommendation will be based on our analysis of your business needs.

Website & Marketing

Your website, videos, distributor kit and brochures will be compared to the best in the industry, so you need a creative team with extensive knowledge in MLM marketing. Our Team of Leaders includes some of the best in this field.

Branding & Naming

Building a compelling brand in today’s competitive MLM market requires the skill of an industry expert. Our adjunct consultants in this field combine decades of international experience with a special focus on the demands of MLM branding.

Merchant Account

Startups that are successful in every other aspect can be sabotaged by merchant account problems. In this area, you need advisors who are uniquely skilled in navigating companies through the complexities of banking relations for MLM. We will make the introductions you need.

Executive Recruitment 

Your company will be no stronger than the executive team that leads it. Recruiting quality people for the top jobs in new MLM companies is a specialist skill, demanding significant industry experience. We have access to the best recruiting resources.


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