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MLM Legal

Today, more than ever, direct sales is a highly regulated industry. Product-related regulators such as the FDA may also be significant for your company. There is one law firm that stands above all others in direct sales expertise: Babener and Associates, a longstanding strategic partner of The Sheffield Group.

Branding and Naming

An effective brand will establish your presence in a compelling and memorable way. It must appeal equally to customers and distributors, attracting their interest and holding their loyalty. We will introduce you to our industry’s top branding experts, who work in close synergy with The Sheffield team.

Customer Support Systems

Your company must support two populations: the customers and distributors. Our partners in this field provide highly trained staff for phone support with a cloud-based system. For you this means no capital investment in phone equipment, and you can scale your support operation as your company grows.  

Executive Recruiting

The choice of your executive team is a critical factor in your early success. Proven experience in the direct sales industry is vital, as you’ll be competing for top talent with other attractive companies. Sheffield is aligned with the industry’s most consistently successful recruiter of direct sales executives.

MLM Software

Your choice of software provider is critical. The wrong decision can be fatal to your company’s future. Over the years, Sheffield has developed an exclusive network of top MLM software specialists. We will help you select from this trusted circle of providers according to your needs and budget.  

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