Creating Ideas for Your Next Million Dollar Product

Michael L. Sheffield What do a Bull and a Bicycle have in common? If you’re Pablo Picasso, plenty. One day the legendary artist was out in his yard, not doing much, just kind of looking around. As he turned to go back inside, Picasso noticed a rusty old bicycle. The bike wasn’t doing much either, […]

Supply Chain Management

by Ken Lind Early in my management career a mentor taught me, “The devil is in the details.” This saying is embedded in supply chain management. It is your worst nightmare when not managed properly. It can be a tremendous savings to your cash flow when it is managed properly. What is supply chain management and […]

Treasure Hunting for New Products

by Michael L. Sheffield Greater Phoenix, Arizona is a shining urban oasis in the center of the Sonoran desert. With its giant cacti, multi-colored canyons and mysterious mountains, this desert is a land that lends itself to legends. Looming larger than life, these legends include such infamous characters as, Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, and Jacob Waltz […]

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