Virtual Training for Real World Growth

By Roseann “Ro” Shales (Originally published by World of Direct Selling) “I don’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas.  I’m frightened by the old ones.” — John Cage Have you seen a drop off in sales and/or recruiting in the last few years? Are you willing to take an honest look at what’s not working […]

The Changing Face of Party Plan

By Roseann “Ro” Shales (Originally published by World of Direct Selling) Party Plan as a business model is constantly evolving. When I started my Tupperware business 25+ years ago, top sellers typically held five in-home parties and talked with five to ten prospective recruits every week. We learned there was a formula for success: Recruit one […]

Let’s Get This Party Started!

by Sue Bradley Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. This is not your mother’s Party Plan. What worked for Tupperware and other massive success stories years ago just doesn’t cut it in today’s “group selling” format. The times, people and business model have changed. Here’s just a few observations about how the industry works now and […]

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