Creativity Can Charge Into and Conquer the Marketplace

by Michael L. Sheffield What do a bull and a bicycle have in common? If you’re Pablo Picasso, plenty. One day the legendary artist was taking a walk, enjoying the day, when he noticed an abandoned old rusty bicycle leaning against a fence. Studying the bicycle, Picasso observed how the handlebars resembled the horns of […]

Do You Have The “Write” Stuff?

by Michael L. Sheffield One of the greatest challenges facing an entrepreneur entering the network marketing industry for the first time is translating his or her tremendous vision into words an average distributor can truly understand and use. Do it well and your business can take off like a rocket. Do it poorly and the […]

New Product Pricing Strategies: What is Product Pricing?

by Michael L. Sheffield Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies are strongly product dependent. In fact, product is king and customers and distributors expect the best. This is why wise MLM corporate leaders make sure their products deliver what their promotional materials promise and do it at a fair price. It is just common […]

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