How To Host An Award Winning Event

by Sue Bradley Distributors are probably going to ask one of two questions at your next event: 1. “When is this meeting finally going to be over? I want to go to the pool.” 2. “I can’t believe the meeting is over already! I can’t wait to get home and share this with my downline. […]

Has Your Autoship Come In?

by Michael L. Sheffield Startups and expanding companies frequently ask if they should institute an Autoship program. The answer is invariably “Yes.” Automatic shipments of your products provide a residual income and somewhat predictable cash flow. Customers and distributors on Autoship are less likely to cancel their monthly order if they like the products or services […]

Closing The Sale VS. Opening The Sale

As a member of a Direct Selling or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company, I’m sure you believe in the products or services offered. You most likely use them in your own home and have recommended them to your friends and relatives who may have purchased them for their own use. In fact, you may have even […]

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