Decision To Transition

by Michael L. Sheffield Every Direct Selling Company that has reached the pinnacle of success in today’s competitive market began its business by offering unique products or services that served a recognized need.  But quality product alone didn’t sustain a multi million dollar growth pattern.  By necessity the company provided a solid marketing concepts and […]

The Home Based Business

by Michael L. Sheffield As the new year approaches, home-based businesses throughout the United States appear alive, well, and steadily expanding their sphere of influence. (This is one in a series of articles by MLM consulting expert Michael L. Sheffield on this and relate subjects.) In large part, this cozy scenario has been created by grim […]

Multi-Level Marketing, Party Plan, Direct Sales – What’s The Difference?

by Michael L. Sheffield Find the Right Fit Question: I am looking at a part time opportunity in sales, but I am confused by the many different types of business opportunities that seem to be available. What is the difference between Direct Sales, Party Plan selling and Multi-Level Marketing? How do I determine which approach […]

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