MLM Formula For Compensation Plans: Tips, Tricks, & More!

by Michael L. Sheffield As companies selling consumer-oriented products and services look for alternative methods of distribution in a highly competitive marketplace, Multi-Level Marketing, sometimes called Network Marketing, has become a popular choice. Low-cost customer acquisition by a volunteer army of independent contractor sales people can grow your brand nationally and internationally in record time. […]

Is Your MLM Comp Plan A Little Stale?

by Sue Bradley After a busy holiday season filled with too much to do, too little time, and too many pressing, urgent responsibilities….I need a break. And there is nothing that refreshes mind, body and soul quicker than a walk outside, letting go of stress, awakening to the little things that are beautiful in life and […]

Compensation Plan Conversion: Direct Sales to MLM Compensation Planning

by Michael L. Sheffield As a direct sales company executive, you know that your present and future success relies on unique products and services, a solid marketing concept and compensation plan which offers the serious minded distributor a significant financial opportunity. (This article is one in a series by MLM compensation plan consultant Michael L. […]

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