Be Passionate About Your Business

by Michael L. Sheffield The fact that you received and are even reading Direct Sales Journal probably puts you in that elite class of enlightened and exuberant entrepreneurs who are impacting the lives millions of people around the world. As a direct selling or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) corporate executive, you must be committed and totally […]

Positioning Your Company for Survival

by Michael L. Sheffield The success or failure of any Direct Selling/MLM company is based on many issues. It is difficult to target any one factor as the primary reason a company will thrive or fail to survive. The following are a few areas that should be considered: Product Selection. Products or services that are “New […]

The Cross Sponsoring Dilemma

by Michael L. Sheffield Although our firm focuses on consulting and coaching support for Network Marketing executives, I, as an MLM company startup resource, regularly receive questions at our website from distributors seeking advice. The following question was posed to me recently, and I thought the DSJ readers might benefit from my advice to this […]

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