Importance Of A Mission Statement: Is A Good Mission Statement A Must?

by Michael L. Sheffield For a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company to remain stable in an ever-changing market, it must have a strong sense of mission — and be able to communicate that mission to its manufacturer’s, employees, distributors and retail customers. A company can have it all together — visionary leadership, competent management, adequate […]

Cause Marketing — Doing Well by Doing Good

by Michael L. Sheffield As an MLM corporate owner, there are many areas your company must address that combine to form the elements necessary for growing a large successful enterprise.  I believe that the foundation for success must be based on the company’s commitment to a unique, highly consumable, and “service to mankind” orientated product […]

Keeping Your Company Hot Over the Long Haul

by Michael L. Sheffield The world in which my grandfather lived and sold his products was much different than our world of selling today. His name was Elvis “Dynamite” Wallace and he was the last of a breed of traveling sales people. His methods then and my methods today are quite different. While Dynamite’s deals […]

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