(Ad)Just Your Style

by Less Maness Does your company look good on paper? Or do the print outs of your emails, newsletters, correspondence and marketing collateral look like a kaleidoscope of styles, punctuation, opinions and grammar? If it’s the latter, you are inadvertently sending a message to your leaders, distributors, customers and prospects that is very loud and […]

Picture Perfect Recognition

by Less Maness I’ve had the privilege of shooting lifestyle, conventions and recognition photos for a billion dollar network marketing company for the last 10 years. I’ve photographed celebrities – Les Brown, Gary Hall, Jr., Charles “Tremendous” Jones, Robert Kiyosaki, Dan O’Brien, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Fran Tarkington, Doug Wead, Dennis Weaver – just to […]

Creativity Can Charge Into and Conquer the Marketplace

by Michael L. Sheffield What do a bull and a bicycle have in common? If you’re Pablo Picasso, plenty. One day the legendary artist was taking a walk, enjoying the day, when he noticed an abandoned old rusty bicycle leaning against a fence. Studying the bicycle, Picasso observed how the handlebars resembled the horns of […]

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