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Network Marketing What Is It – The Beginners Definition

What You Need to Know About Network Marketing What is a network marketing company? The concept started in 1945 when distributors noticed they could earn commissions from other people’s efforts. The network marketing business model is popular with women who dream of earning a large income while working from home. Before you start your network […]

Be Passionate About Your Business

by Michael L. Sheffield The fact that you received and are even reading Direct Sales Journal probably puts you in that elite class of enlightened and exuberant entrepreneurs who are impacting the lives millions of people around the world. As a direct selling or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) corporate executive, you must be committed and totally […]

Creating Ideas for Your Next Million Dollar Product

Michael L. Sheffield What do a Bull and a Bicycle have in common? If you’re Pablo Picasso, plenty. One day the legendary artist was out in his yard, not doing much, just kind of looking around. As he turned to go back inside, Picasso noticed a rusty old bicycle. The bike wasn’t doing much either, […]

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