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"We often have people come to us who are trying to regain control of their companies. They may have lost their momentum and need something new to recharge their business, such as a new compensation plan, marketing strategy, distributor recruiting system or sizzle product. We take a systematic approach, assess what needs to be done, and help them do it. We're committed to making their business work."

– Garvin DeShazer
Sheffield Executive Consultant

"There is not a day goes by ... that we do not appreciate what Mike Sheffield and his team of professionals have done for us. The best investment we have made ... has been our relationship with The Sheffield Group."

– Don Bodenbach, CEO




The Sheffield Team ...

Network Marketing Consultant Mike SheffieldMichael L. Sheffield, CMC — Founder & MLM Consultant
Michael Sheffield is President of The Sheffield Group, an internationally recognized Direct Sales and Multi Level Marketing consulting firm focusing on startup operations, compensation plan design and product line development. His firm has provided marketing and management consulting to over 800 MLM, Party Plan and Direct Selling companies in the U.S. and abroad. He has worked internationally assisting companies in Norway, Russia, England, Germany, Holland, South Africa, China, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, India, Thailand and Japan.

Sheffield began his career as a successful distributor and then later founded two successful Network Marketing companies with combined sales exceeding $30,000,000. 

As a leading spokesperson for the MLM industry, Mr. Sheffield conducts seminars and lectures worldwide. He has to his credit numerous appearances on television as well as radio including the Business Radio Network as expert MLM business analyst. He has also appeared as guest lecturer at the Schools of Business at Arizona State University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Cincinnati, California Lutheran University, the University of Texas, and Anderson University. In addition, Mr. Sheffield has been a staff instructor on MLM compensation plans and marketing strategies at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1998, he was selected to make a presentation on behalf of Multi Level Marketing at the Harvard Business School Association Symposium. 

In 1998 and again in 1999, he organized and sponsored two important MLM events on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso. “Organizing for the Future I and II” were successful academic conferences geared toward an intimate interaction of the university business school faculty and MLM corporate executives to stimulate a better understanding and eventual classroom acceptance of MLM as an alternative method of product distribution.

His lecture called “Compensation Plans of the Future – Today” was enthusiastically received by corporate executives at national conferences sponsored by the Direct Sales Association (DSA) as well as the Multi Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA). For over ten years, The Sheffield Group has co-sponsored the conference “Starting and Running the Successful MLM Company” which has been attended by thousands of entrepreneurs.
Mr. Sheffield is one of the few Certified Professional Consultants To Management (CPCM) with specific emphasis on the Network Marketing Industry. Certification is granted by the National Bureau of Professional Management Consultants. 

For nearly 30 years, he has directed his attention to serving in one or more areas as chief consultant, compensation plan developer and analyst, new product advisor, and resource agent for many prestigious companies including Alticor/Amway, Nikken, NuSkin, AOL, Home Shopping Network, The Fuller Brush Company, Time Warner and The Service Master Corporation to name a few.

His writings have appeared in many national publications including Network Marketing Lifestyles, The Direct Sales Journal, WealthBuilding Magazine, MLM News Magazine, Product Launch Magazine, Powerline Magazine, and Network Marketing Business Journal. His regular column in Network Marketing Business Journal, called “Product of the Month,” has served as an independent review of the product lines of over 100 U.S. and foreign based MLM companies over the past fifteen years. He has been the subject of feature articles in Success Magazine, Network Marketing Lifestyles, Business Start-Ups and Entrepreneur Magazine. He also served as the Direct Sales and MLM expert for Entrepreneur Magazine’s website,

Mr. Sheffield has received numerous honors including MLMIA’s Presidents Award for Industry Support as well as the Association’s prestigious Consultant of the Year award. He is a Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Multi Level Marketing International Association and in 2001 he was inducted into the MLMIA Hall of Fame.

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The Sheffield Team
                       Debie Duffy  
    Chris Sheffield       Ken Kind       Garvin DeShazer
                       Roseann Shales      
      Davene Peruzzini      

Debbie Stenmoe, Vice President of Operations
   As a top executive with The Sheffield Group since 1998, Debbie has been devoted to the continuing success of the company. She has earned the respect and admiration of her peers while working her way from Director of Clients Services to overseeing the entire company business activities. It is clear to every Sheffield client that she is an invaluable asset. Debbie handles the day-to-day operations of the company and works directly with President, Michael Sheffield on all financial matters. She seamlessly ensures that client deliverables are met on time and with the quality associated with the Sheffield work product.
    Prior to relocating to Arizona, Debbie had a distinguished career at the New York City Comptrollers Office. During her 15 year years there, she had progressively increased responsibilities, including managing a 1,500 LAN user help desk, providing software training and being a solutions-oriented member of the MIS team. She was instrumental in helping to implement a state-of-the-art optical imaging system developed for the Comptrollers office. Debbie understands time management principles, multitasking and the art of negotiation and follow up. She manages the Sheffield internal staff to ensure that all client timelines are met and the business is running smoothly and successfully.

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Kenneth (Ken) F. Lind, Vice President of Strategic Planning
   Ken Lind joined The Sheffield Group in 1998 to help propel the company to an even higher level. His skill at authoring and implementing strategic plans resulted in an exponential growth and profitable bottom line for Sheffield, and in turn, many of the clients Sheffield serves. Ken was hired by a Sheffield client to serve as President of their start up company. His acute business acumen and skills as a win-win negotiator helped grow the company and take it public. Ken rejoined Sheffield full time in 2004 to spearhead a strategic growth plan focused on enhancing client services and increasing categories of client support offerings.
    Ken’s industry expertise has led to his selection on the Board of Directors for Cellstar Corp., Unitech Industries, Natus Corp., Pro’s for America’s Youth and Flexx Coach, and his business acumen has been cited in numerous business and financial publications. He has created marketing programs and business plans that resulted in growth in the hundreds of millions of dollars and has an extensive background in domestic and international business, sales, marketing and operations management. Ken’s specializes in maximizing organizational efficiencies, positioning companies for explosive growth, engineering corporate turnarounds and preparing businesses for acquisition and sale alike. He has successfully applied his skills to a broad spectrum of industries, including electronics, technology, and health and nutritional products.

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Chris Sheffield, Director of Client Services
   For over 23 years, Chris Sheffield has served the direct selling industry as a professional in every facet of business. Chris began his career in sales during his college years earning his way through college in door-to-door direct selling. He then became a distributor for an MLM nutritional company, building a sales organization of several thousand independent distributors and becoming one of the top ranked people in the company. Chris then took on the responsibility as national sales manager for a nationally known security products company, where he eventually bought the company and became its CEO and president. During this time, he built a national sales force of professional direct sales people providing personal protection classes and seminars for clubs, professional organizations, and business groups throughout America. This created over 100,000 customers for his security products and generated millions of dollars in sales. 
   Later, while this business continued under trusted family management, Chris took on the responsibility of pioneering the US marketing launch of laser correction vision surgery using creative MLM recruiting techniques to assemble a distributor force of referral agents. The company went on to set the trend for this medical procedure in the US and become the largest provider of its kind.
    With his security products company still under family management, Chris has now joined his brother, Michael Sheffield, as the Director of Client Services and Chief Relationship Consultant.  The The Sheffield Group has experienced explosive growth since Chris joined the staff.  Chris is the first contact for each potential new client because of his extreme skills in discerning their particular needs and determining specific areas where the Sheffield Team might best serve the client’s future success.  He is truly The Sheffield Group top “Relationship Consultant”.

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Garvin DeShazer, Executive Consultant
Garvin DeShazer has nearly 30 years experience as an entrepreneur. With 26 startups or acquisitions of his own, in industries ranging from alternative fuels to fine arts, he has extensive experience in business plan development, capital fund raising, hiring key people, managing teams, creative marketing and driving sales.
   As a former client of The Sheffield Group, Garvin knows first-hand the challenges of a direct selling company owner. With Mike’s help in the early 1990s, Garvin’s company became one of the fastest growing home security businesses in America. However, he chose to ignore Mike’s advice about being single sourced and quickly outgrew his manufacturer’s ability to keep up with his distributors’ demand. His company collapsed in 1994.
   Promoting the concept that “scar tissue has value,” Garvin joined The Sheffield Group in 1995. Over the next four years, he served as Senior Consultant for more than 60 companies that ultimately represented almost two million distributors. In the process, he played an important role in helping The Sheffield Group become the leading MLM consulting organization in the world.
After receiving a financial windfall in 1998, Garvin took a few years to travel and volunteer with non-profit organizations. He recently re-joined the Sheffield team, where he supports clients with his unique skills in strategic planning, creative writing and project management.

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Roseann "Ro" Sales, Executive Consultant
Roseann "Ro" Shales is the Sheffield Group's Party Plan expert. She is a veteran direct seller with multi-faceted experience. She is an innovative professional in all aspects of direct sales with extensive experience in the sales field, building her own $1.3M organization. Her significant experience as an independent leader as well as a corporate executive allows her to bring a unique perspective to the table. This perspective has served her well in working with start-up, established, and mature-market companies. She is a strategist and connector to bring ideas and people together for increased recruiting, leader development, and retention to drive revenue, profits, and success. Roseann is also the author of "RECRUIT! Connecting with People to Change Your Business and Your Life" which is available in English and Spanish. RECRUIT is a user friendly and necessary read for every Direct Seller, Network Marketer, MLMer, franchisee, affiliate seller, both field and corporate, plus everyone who recruits volunteers or develops teams. Actually, it's a way of living your life and a philosophy for personal growth. 

         • Training utilizing adult learning techniques
         • Virtual Training Platform;s Speaking and Meeting facilitation
         • Party Plan Expert; Creating a Recruiting Culture
         • Party Plan Start-Ups.

   "Whatever it takes!" is a fitting motto, Roseann Shales. Over and over again Roseann has demonstrated her can-do attitude in her work, organization memberships, and home life. She never has a second thought when she sets her sites on a cause. Roseann faces her own challenges and those of others head on – even if that means shaving her head for St. Baldrick's Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research - with humor and compassion. She is on the board of the Tri-County Tobacco Coalition, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC), President of Quota International – Kenosha Racine, and a Past President of the Kenosha Women's Network. In 2012 Roseann was named the Susan B Anthony Award winner for promoting equality and gender equity through volunteerism and the workplace.

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George Sloan, Director of Communications
George Sloan is responsible for all web site development, management and overall corporate image for The Sheffield Group including the development of the company’s advertising and marketing materials. His knowledge of online marketing and search engine optimization has kept Sheffield highly visible for corporate executives searching for a reputable consultant to help develop, promote and manage their Affiliate, Direct Sales, Multilevel Marketing and Party Plan companies. He has been with The Sheffield Group team since 1997 serving as Creative and Communications Director. George also designs forms, brochures, multi-media presentations, stationery, advertisements and other marketing collateral for many of The Sheffield Group clients. Having lived in Mexico, he is fluent in Spanish and does all company English/Spanish translation.
   George brings a wealth of creative talents from his extensive broadcasting and advertising agency background to the Sheffield corporate table. He began as a radio announcer while in college, and has worked as a disc jockey, radio newscaster, radio traffic director, advertisement production director, sports announcer, sports talk show host, and Television cameraman,  audio engineer, sportscaster and newscaster in the Phoenix, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque and El Paso markets. George also worked for major market advertising agencies as a media buyer, cameraman, audio producer, video director, graphics designer and account executive for local and regional accounts. During his multifaceted career, he has produced national award winning radio programs; announced over 700 professional, collegiate and high school sports events, and has voiced or appeared in over 5000 radio and TV commercials.

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Davene Peruzzini, Director of Project Management
Davene Peruzzini serves The Sheffield Group as director of Project Management and is in charge of seeing that client projects are completed and deliverd in a timely fashion. In addition to her effervescent personality and helpful spirit, this former Youngstown State University alumnus has contributed a wealth of experience since joining the Sheffield Team in 2005. Davene has excelled in all aspects of Customer Service, Employee Services, and Office Support. Every team should be so lucky to have someone who has high integrity, focused on deadlines and insures that we meet our client’s timelines and that all is executed successfully. When she isn’t at work helping Sheffield’s clients and staff, Davene passionately supports the Girl Scouts and has received an Outstanding Volunteer Award for her many contributories to today’s youth.
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Cindy DeShazer, Administrative Assistant
Cindy DeShazer joined The Sheffield Group in 1995. She was the first person you talked with when calling our office. She has seen the growth from having an office in Mike’s home to where The Sheffield Group is today. After taking a few years to travel and volunteer with non-profit organizations, she has re-joined the Sheffield team and is serving as Receptionist and Client Concierge to our corporate office in Scottsdale. She is a delight and has an outstanding warmth personality that makes her a valuable asset to Sheffield. When Cindy isn’t greeting our guests, she is active in three local quilt clubs where she is passionate about creating quilts for her family and charities. She is looking forward in becoming President in one of her clubs.
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